Brisbane CBD Office - Firm Fundamentals

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  • The strong competition to secure office investment assets and subsequent significant repricing in the Sydney and Melbourne markets have started to push investors to seek opportunities in alternative locations. For some, this has meant turning attention to Brisbane. Weak fundamentals mean that the market is not without its challenges, but it is these challenges which affords the potential for counter-cyclical investment.
  • On balance, underlying data suggests the market is at or near bottom and that contrary to 2011-12, the recovery is likely to be longer in coming but more robust due to a broader base of industry sectors. Investment strategies should therefore be planned accordingly. Surety of income over the near term is needed to safeguard against weak fundamentals, with opportunities to reposition the asset further down the line to drive higher returns from a market forecast to experience limited rental growth.


Dominic Brown
Head of Australia & New Zealand
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